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We are Indianarane. Our job is to write music. It sounds crazy, because writing music is all we ever knew how to do, and all we ever wanted to do. And then it became our job. Considering ourselves extremely privileged, we always try to keep this in mind and make it heard in our music. Because making music can actually never be a job. It has to come from some place within, a place more sincere and personal than what people usually think when they hear the word "professional". 

After working on a couple of tv series and a feature film, we sort of stumbled into the world of commercials. At first glance, crazy deadlines and the messy post production process seemed like a hostile environment for creative work, but to our surprise we thrived in it. Ever since, we cherish those moments when we've managed to write, record and mix something we're extremely happy with; and get to push that send button that meet deadlines that some times could be as short as eight hours. 

Not to mention the fact that every job brings a different challenge, making us move between genres and never get stuck in doing the same thing all over. 

Check out some of our work hiding behind the Commercials bar on the top of the page, and get in touch whenever you feel like. 

Our studio is located just outside Oslo, with easy access by car, train and busses.

Arvid Falch

00 47 94 36 29 89


Christian Blomeid Engebretsen

00 47 47 28 42 15



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